Got the Key Back

Today I did get my key back for a while. However, she thinks at this time that I will keep my door unlocked so my friend can come and use the computer. She does have another thing coming because there is no way I am going to have my door unlocked. She will have to be patient in order to come here and use the computer for a while. I have to have the key back for a while anyway because in November I am going to have two special people taking care of my little man of the house, my cat of course, and there is no sense of having one key floating between the two friends in case they can not get in contact, and it is important that my friend CD has an opportunity to take care of Bing as she has given me the opportunity to take care of her cat.

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2 thoughts on “Got the Key Back”

  1. I do hope things get better for you. When a friend doesn’t get along with you anymore it can be hard. I will keep you in my prayers and hopes that everything will go smoothly when you get your key back. God bless and I pray you get some sleep tonight.


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