My Tuesday …

Today was not bad at all. I was able to run an errand and get a few things from the Dollar General store this morning, and my cleaning lady Lisa took me and then we went out to eat at a nearby restaurant for a quick breakfast. Biscuts and gravy is so yummy and it was relatively cheap too, lol. After running the errand and a quick breakfast, we came back and Lisa helped me with something before she went to another client’s apartment to clean. Today’s morning may have been good but so wasn’t my afternoon and evening. Lazy in a way but worthwhile. I even showered to take care of some the achy joints and it felt good clean and with hair washed. I even decided to stay up late and go to class late so I do not have to worry about attending class Wednesday until after I get back from going out to dinner at 5 p.m.. I just realized that I have a busy tomorrow and I am looking forward to it greatly, but I am now getting tired. I am going to good night for now. Bye everyone!

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