Week 3 of GEN480

I do have to admit that school has been going well and it is still awesome but I am on the road to the end now and I am happy to be walking down that road today. I am definitely ready for school to be done and over with now. I do love my GEN480 class very much. The instructor for the class is very good and I like him very much. We are in our third week of GEN480 now and I do have to admit that this week’s homework assignment is in depth and very complicated right now but I will fair and do just fine. I have to get past the anxiousness right now but I plan to get to the assignment Friday or Saturday or Saturday all day long after church, if I get a ride to church this weekend. I will post my homework assignment after it gets turned in and graded. It is a very important assignment. More later. I have a very busy work week at school.

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