Catching Up

The month of November has gone by so quickly that my journal entries have been so few for the month that today I feel I am catching up with everything that has been going on in my life. Anyway, I feel I am here but I do not know for how long, as now I am feeling the month of December running away from me as well as November did. Life is so funny sometimes because I want to write my thoughts and feelings down everyday but I do not always find the right time to do so. School will be continuing on the 4th of December so I know I will be busy once again for a while and then not busy for two weeks when school will be on a two week break during the Christmas holiday. Ever since I have been back home from my holiday trip to PA visiting my brother and his wife, and three kids, I do have to admit that my world has been having trouble transitioning from being busy to now not being so busy. My life is so different from my family’s it is not funny even though our Christian faith is the same and going strong there. I feel so much has happened since my visit in PA and since I have been back home. There are moments in my life that I ask myself why in the world did I come back home to Janesville, Wisconsin, to a place that has elderly folk that seem to not care about the young folk living in their building when the building is a place for those who do live there. Even though this is my home I did come back because I do have my cat Bing and some people here I do care about very deeply.

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