Another Day

One more day of 2008. Not much really happened today except for the fact that I rested and cuddled with my cat, Bing most of the day. I did not sleep well the night before due to the fact that @ 12 midnight I was rudely awakened by two people, who I know who they are, blowing their party favors at my apartment door, scaring Bing, and myself. My heart was beating very fast and I could not calm down within five minutes. I can tell you that I had one heck of an ending of 2007 and one heck of a beginning of 2008. So today was one day of rest even though I had gotten up real early at 5 a.m. thinking that my cleaning girl Lisa was coming over to help clean my apartment but learned around 9:30 a.m. that she was not coming! I do not know where I had thought she was coming to help me clean my apartment this week but she told me she was not coming and I told her that giving the past couple of weeks … I had forgotten and was a little dazed. My world today has been in a daze all day long and I vowed I was going to go to bed before midnight tonight but I do not think that happened…easily…no it didn’t.

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