Today was a better day than I had thought it was going to be. As a matter of fact, I went to my counseling appointment in hopes to talk about what was really bothering me that happened earlier in the week and that I was a little upset about it. Knowing that I could talk to my counselor about it, I did also know that my feelings would be justified and understood. You see, my psychiatrist got me a little niffed about me missing the appointment I had with her due to weather conditions and my psychiatrist, to me, failed to see that my not being there was due to weather conditions from the night before and when I had gotten a letter from the counseling office stating that I either I was a no show or called late to cancel, I felt that my message as to why I was not going to make my appointment was not heard or understood. After talking to my counselor about it, I felt better. My counselor even told me to ignore the letter and that she will be happy to talk to my psychiatrist about my health and my ability or inability to get to an appointment from time to time. I am, even at this moment, still hoping to change psychiatrists as well but my counselor told me to wait until after she got done talking to my psychiatrist to see where I need to go.

After my appointment, I came home, relaxed with Bing Crosby, my white feline buddy with beautiful eyes of love, understanding, and read some of my book written by John Kellerman, and fell asleep! Seriously, I must have fallen asleep because I got outside and had a little bit of fresh air while being transported from home to appointment, from appointment back home. The air was beautiful but chilly enough to prove that winter is still around along with piles of snow!

I had awakened, watched American Idol, did some homework, and watched some taped programming of the day. I am thinking seriously of retiring to bed early tonight but that is still a question at this end yet as I took an unexpected three hour nap, oops! LOL

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