Kind Of A Late Night Here

Ok, the pain in my hip has gotten the best of me tonight and that is why I am up late past 12:30 a.m. this morning…had fallen out of bed yesterday morning around 6:10 s.m. and bruised my left hip enough to notice the nagging ache that drives one crazy and I do not contend with pain very well these days and all of my life. Don’t worry, I just two Tylenol so the pain will subside shortly and then I will drift off to sleep just fine for the rest of the night — sleeping in might happen and again, might not. That’s ok, though. I will be okay in the short run as well as in the long run. I did some reading of my favorite story I am reading now, Jonathan Kellerman’s “Twisted” … a good book I can not pry my hands off on opening and reading with my eyes! Jonathan Kellerman is a good author of mystery and fiction, that’s for sure! I saw him on Murder By the Book one afternoon on television a couple of weeks ago. Awesome person or at least I think so oanyway. So it is kind of a late night here right this moment. I did feel sleepy earlier and I did have difficulty keeping my eyes open. Even my fingers typing on the keyboard were going whacky on me where I was typing and making so many typing errors on my words and thoughts. My fingers are starting to feel that tiredness again and the pain in my left hip is subsiding slightly now…thankfully. I will be ok. I just had a tendency of falling out of bed in the middle of the night sometimes because I move around so much and I am beginning to believe that my twin bed is not enough for me anymore…oh phooey all, lol.

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  1. I cannot sleep in a twin bed. I just know I’m going to fall off. So I sleep all by myself in a double bed.

    Myself? Not quite. Two cats take up some of the space. One of them always in the wrong place cuz I want to put my feet are where she’s planted herself.


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