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In about 24 hrs from now I will be finished with college altogether – no more classes left – will be getting my degree/diploma from college in a couple of months. I am so excited. I have been thinking about it all day long and being done with college right now is awesome. Yes, I might be bored and wondering what I am going to do with my free time that is not looking for work or busy with my DVR counselor and a company called Community Solutions in helping me find a job in the field of accounting. Anyway, I can do what I have been doing during my school breaks and that is reading, writing, and journaling. I am excited about school being over in about 24 hrs. I can be done with college altogether right now if I choose it but I have a couple of things yet to hand in to the facilitator of the class and it is not anymore homework, woo hoo, exciting!

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As a diarist and blogger, please bear with me as I continue to upgrade my blog as time moves forward. Thank you.

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  1. I haven’t attended church in a long time either. My mom is getting a new car in March so I’m hoping that once she gets that and my grandpa recovers from his knee surgery I’m sure we’ll go again. Congrats on finishing college.


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