The New Desk is a Winner

JC and I got together after 5 p.m. this evening and he took me to Office Max and showed me the desk. I did fall in love with it and decided to get it but we have to wait since the desk is not in stock at the store itself, so we spoke to a gentlman named “D” (full name not disclosed for personal reasons) and got an order made out for the desk that I want. When I saw the desk, I did fall in love with it immediately so JC had a wonderful eye for the right desk for me — smaller and nice. I believe it is Cherry … oh, if it is, I love Cherry wood! It was beautiful! I wish I could have taken the floor model with me right away but right now it is the only model they have. I should be getting my desk in three days if it is not on back order. I am ready to say good bye to this ol’, nice desk I have now and let my friend have it back. I love my “soon to be mine” desk that I just looked at at Office Max.

After JC and I went to Office Max, we ran an errand at the grocery store real quick and then we went to his place for awhile, then we went out to supper — I paid for his meal because I wanted to thank him for finding the right desk for me and what he has done for me in the meantime in the past few weeks since we have seen each other off and on.

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