Where Have I Been??

Lately I have not written so much in my diary that it has been kind of strange for me not writing longer diaries so I have asked myself the question where have I been? in an open manner. I have been feeling a little lost for words and what to write about lately that it has been so frustrating and downright confusing for me lately. Even at my yahoo 360 blog spot I have had been irregular in writing my thoughts and feelings and then again I have been cautious about what to write there lately since I have been hurt in December physically. I have been more quiet these days lately because of some fear of who reads my thoughts and feelings even though I have gone private less for my friends only list. I am beginning to feel less afraid now but it has been quite a hike to this point in my life. I have even felt like I have lost my way in a spiritual sense too but I also have to admit that I have been seriously thinking where I am spiritually as well that I found myself on a very scary road … lonely it seems but I realize, at the same time, tha I am NOT alone in this world. I have also been moody lately that it is not funny. I do feel better mentally now that the sun has been out and the weather has been warmer even though this weekend has proven to be winter all over again with its snowfall and icy patches outside. Yes, we have had some snow and rain yesterday and it has to go now…I am sick of wintry weather believe me. I am ready for Spring. Anyway, this past week has been okay. I made friends on Wednesday with three new people who happen to be friends of a friend of mine I met a couple of weeks — this new friend of mine sells Avon. RB is a wonderful lady and her husband and friend Z are also wonderful people. At least they seem to be nice people at first glance and being with them on Wednesday from about 12 noon to 11:30 p.m. Wednesday night. I also had my first appointment with Community Solutions in finding work. Wednesday was a fun day as well as an unexpected day. Now with the weekend at hand and Easter being tomorrow, I am grateful to have the weekend to myself and yet be with friends later tonight. I will write about tonight later when I get back from my little outing. For now, I am going to sign off. Ciao…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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