I do have to admit that when you tell someone in confidence you do need to let that person know or they do not have a clue. Honestly, I wish people would just grow the hell up and stop being high school bitches and bastards. Yes I am pissed off and I am about ready to jump down someone’s throat because of her crap she pulled last night. Getting a fucking phone call at 1 a.m. from a so-called friend of mine because I was talking about a friend behind her back when in reality this friend knew already I did not care for one of her friends for the pasat two days. This so called friend of mine has talked about me behind my back many times and I have come to find out the hard way many times as well. Some people have to fucking grow up!! What bitches and bastards!! I guess from now on I will not be calling this friend of mine anymore. She does not understand that I just do not care for some of her friends and she wants an answer as to why and I do not have to explain myself to no one! I know who my true friends and true friends do not open their big fat mouths to other friends. I do not care for one for a friend of a friend of mine for big reasons is that this person is a little person with one big mouth that does not know when to shut the hell up and stay out of other people’s business, and always makes wise cracks in the background when trying to talk to my friend. Do I have to walk away from this friend and her husband too? Yes, I do!

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