This Has Not Been the Best Week So Far

I do have to admit that this week has not been the greatest. When it rains here, it pours big time, and it is only Wednesday. I can not be mad at someone for telling the truth but honestly the truth hurts and that is what happened last night. What got me about what was said was that just a couple of days ago I had a phone call at 1 a.m. Tuesday morning because the person was hurt that I was talking about one of her friends behind her back and last night I felt, and I still feel today, this very friend does talk about me behind my back. I feel that this person fibbed to me or did not tell me the entire truth from the beginning. Yes, I was hot (angry) and I wanted to call this person and confront her about pointing out my faults in front of her friends who are not my friends as her friends are not my friends but I know them from being a part of the group, but knowing that if I did confront this person about it, I know I would not get anywhere except attitude from her and we would not accomplish anything to resolve the issue. Yes, I did tell this person that I did not care about one of her friends the other day and why, and yes, I did tell someone, another friend, that I talked to this person explaining why I did not care for their friend of theirs, and that the person I had told had gone back to the person and that is where the phone came about at 1 a.m. the following morning. Luckily I was not asleep and the ringing of the phone did not wake me up or I would have been really upset for being awakened to discuss what this person thought I was doing talking about her friend behind her back which I felt I was not doing out of spite or to hurt this person (not the friend) as I told this other person exactly what I told this other person the other day. If I was talking about this person behind their back, believe me, I have every right to vent. I have beaten myself for confiding in this one person and now I have learned that I can not trust this person with anything in confidence because she does peddle it to other people behind your back. I am beginning to realize that the behavior is high school behavior and in order to get away from high school behavior I do know now that I have to walk away from this person who thinks I have talked about her friend behind her back when this person has talked about me behind my own back. I know now why, today, I do not care about this person’s friend and I am going to leave it at that.

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