Good Afternoon From Wisconsin / My Thoughts For the Day

With this entry being the only entry of the day for today, I wanted to say hello to all my DD friends and readers from Wisconsin and also say good afternoon. I have been moody lately and today is not so bad compared to what I experienced Friday and yesterday. Not much is going on right now but I do have to admit that it is noontime and Bing is sleeping on the bed and only a stretch away from me when I move about. He has been so cuddly yesterday and today that I am spending time with him. Today is my movie watching day and lots of reading if I ever pick up the book I am reading at all today. My eyes were blurry for a while this morning and I just another day of peace and quiet. My mom in NM will be calling me today unless she forgets which forgetting for her is easy to do. I call her on Sundays too but not today I won’t. My heart feels kind of heavy with something I cannot quite explain at the moment but should as soon as the heaviness subsides. I have been a little weepy today like the weeping willow tree on a good day. No rain today but the sun is not out shining its yellow glow of light but it is not totally dark out at least. It is definitely daytime and the afternoon is on its way to evening in a few hours. I had gotten up at midnight to the sound of a neighbor saying good bye and good night to another neighbor and then I easily fell back to sleep until 3 a.m. when I found it harder to get back to sleep for some reason. I know I had fallen asleep between 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. last night. I went back to sleep, finally, and did not want to get up and dressed for the day but did at 8:30 a.m.. I am just having one of those days that today is only one entry day. Sorry gang. I am a little weepy today and I am not expecting to be a woman for seven to ten business days or anything. Just one of those days again. I gotta get a job to get my life on track again. I just have to get a job!!!! I need to get out of this apartment complex often and come home at night and snuggle up with Bing. I did not go through three years of college on line for nothing here. See one of those days!!

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