Not Taking Any Chances Here #2

I was not going to take any chances when it come to my health so I had a urine specimen done again today because of the fact that I had a contaminated urine specimen. According to the urine analysis, no UTI was noted but the doctor is treating my UTI symptoms for the time being. It very well could a yeast infection more so than an UTI but I am not taking any chances with the kidney (transplanted) I have had 20 years ago. Another culture has been ordered but they doubt that anything will show in the culture due the fact that I am on an antibiotic for a possible UTI since last Thursday. It is so frustrating!!! I have had the classic symptoms of an UTI, too!

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  1. A kidney transplant! You definately don’t want to take any chances… I will say a prayer that they can get rid of whatever you have… (UTI, yeast infection, whatever!!)

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