Up Late But Heading to Bed Shortly, I Hope, lol

It is going on 2 a.m. Monday morning here and I am still up. Had company over for awhile Saturday and again company on Sunday for a while. Had a great time with my friends and now with them gone home to their own beds, I wonder why I am not in my own bed sleeping right now. Got my second wind apparently, lol. Well, anyway, despite that I am up late, I am intending on going to bed shortly here — after I write this entry anyway. I am beginning to get droopy and tired FINALLY! I am a little unhappy about my kitchen sink being clogged again and I went to Pick N Save to get a bottle of Drano but that did not work very well. ARRRG! I will be okay, though. It will be fixed one way or another this week, I hope anyway. I should be in bed, sleeping and dreaming about pleasant things but lately I have been having bad dreams or nightmares about my graduation that is coming up on June 21 — yep, next month and I am looking forward to it — at least right now I am, anyway. Those nightmares I have been having have been so real and troubling to some degree. Phooey all! Again I will be okay. I better go to bed but before I do, I am going to listen to some Christian music. Do you like Sandi Patti? I do!

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