A “Bing Update”

Bing did have my worried, very worried last night because he was favoring his left front paw and not putting any pressure on it. I took him to the vet this morning at 10 a.m. and the doctor who was in today met Bing for the first time and I met the doctor for the first time because Bing’s veterinarian was not in today. Bing was examined thoroughly, his leg was checked for any broken bones by feel, and then I asked if they could do an x-ray which will show any possible fractures and broken bones. None, according to the vet, could be found, so Bing has a sprained front left paw with no swelling. Thank goodness for that, and thank you for your prayers for all who prayed for him.

I do have some shocking news though. Don’t worry Bing is going to be okay. When I was looking at the x-ray while Dr. U was explaining to me that he was looking at this part and that part of the x-ray I saw two distinctive circles in his right front leg, and Dr. U told me he was going to explain to me what they were. After explaining and show that he could not see any broken bones or inflamed portions of his sore leg (checked both under my request), that the round circles were BB pellets and that at one point in Bing’s life he was shot by someone with a BB gun and that he has 4 BB pellets in him. When I heard that the circles were BB pellets, I cried hot, angry tears and wondered why a person could or would even shoot or be cruel to someone’s pet. I was so very mad. I called the person who shot Bing a bastard, an asshole, (please excuse the colorful language and unChristian attitude about this but cruelty to animals is something I take lightly.

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5 thoughts on “A “Bing Update””

  1. Shot with bb’s. How awful. Report it to whoever you got Bing from. See if you can trace the person who did it. And have him arrested.

    Cruelty to animals is about as low as you can get!!!

    Anyway, I’m glad Bing has a sprain and not a fracture.


  2. Have you always had Bing, or did you get him from a cat shelter? Yes, some very sick people out there. Don’t worry, I’m sure God gets very angry with people who hurt his creatures.

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