Ok, I do not feel SO GOOD

I do not feel so good today but if I stay home all day long I will be bored and bored is what has been happening since I finished college. YUCK! I thought it was allergies but now I am solely convinced that I am having a stupid Spring cold and I am so tired. Did run errands with my friends RB and JW, and another friend/neighbor of theirs. Took RB and JW out for breakfast after all errands were run because they were such a big help Thursday night while I was worried too death about Bing hurting his foot while slipping off the fridge and then taking him to the vet to make sure nothing was broken, RB and JW stayed until late because RB’s husband picked them up around 11:30 p.m. after work Friday night.

Bing is doing just fine. Still favors the left foot somewhat but he is walking without much of a limp now. May favor it for a few weeks yet but no more pain meds for Bing. I am still kind of worried about the buck shot that is in him but I believe I will be convinced sooner or later.

Due to the fact that I am not feeling very good, I am sleeping a lot of it off. I want to get rid of this cold real soon — if not right now. YUCK!

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