Thank goodness it’s Friday! I have a busy weekend and I am looking forward to it. The Rock County Airport is having their Memorial Day weekend air show and I can hear the planes going overhead with their tricks and believe it or not, it is loud and while watching television, believe it or not, it is hard, lol. I can not see the tricks the planes are doing, though.

Bing is doing good, One of my readers commented saying, “BB pellets. What’s wrong with people? I wonder the same thing myself actually. Bing may have been in the wrong place at the wring time whn this incident occurred but my golly, shooting an animal was wrong and stupid. Bing was an almost a “no Bing” kitty. Yea, what’s wrong with people? Dang! Grow up people. Bing is such a loving cat, surprisingly so after such an incident as being shot, and so I consider myself very blessed to have such a cat as Bing Noel Crosby. His name should be Magic or Miracle, or Miracle Magic. Bing has magic about him.

Relaxed and had company here for the afternoon and the supper hour and then spent the rest of the evening here at home with Bing and myself.

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