June 2

I decided to call my kidney coordinator this morning and let her know what was going on. We discussed the possibility of an UTI so she helped me get some medication for it and I began taking it. I will see how I feel tomorrow or Wednesday. The feeling of an UTI is very uncomfortable and unbearable, and very annoying, and this UTI is one I have lost count. I literally hate them to the point that I wish they did not exist. I used to get them a lot when I was a child and with that said, I do have to admit that I feel haunted with UTI’s again. It is a very unwanted haunting, too. I am being haunted!!! LOL All the same, I do not want another one. I just do not feel that great right now, that’s for sure, and I know I have another UTI! YUCK!

I also feel kind of lonely … all over again … and I hate that lonely feeling. I do not feel that great today so my cleaning lady LB did not come — did not want her here. Now does that make sense with the fact that I feel lonely and do not want anyone here today? I wish I could understand my moods better but right now I won’t even try examiining anything.

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