Stormy All Day

It was around the 1 p.m. hour in Wisconsin when the weather looked rather dark and dreary as night because of a thunderstorm was well on its way. It looked bleak and horrible outdoors to the point that I thought it was night time during the day. I do have to admit that I have had many dreams in my teenage years about going to school at night instead of during the day but having the personal experience of day looking like night real sets the experience in motion. Within minutes thunder clapped and lightning could be seen in the cloudy light of day time and I knew that God was bringing on a wonderful storm or one of several storms for today. As a native of Wisconsin, I do have to admit that the need of rain is important but I believe we have had a lot since the winter months disappeared into spring but then again I am only one person with only one opinion.

I did not have my computer up and running at all until a couple of hours ago now and believe it or not, just before 10 p.m. we had another doozy of a storm raging in our city in the state of Wisconsin. With the day now darkness and time for all of natives of Wisconsin to be asleep, except me of course, lol, for some reason or another. With darkness upon us the thunder clapped, lightning cracked and shown its brightness several times, and I literally saw two, at two different times during the storm, streaks of lightning touching the ground, and I thought the lightning bolts were beautiful but could have damaged the areas the lightning struck. It was amazingly beautiful as well as the thunder claps were loud and scary. I am a young woman who does not like storms otherwise. I believe the storms are past us now — I hope! I do not care for them very much.

Yesterday, strangely enough I have come up with a plan to arrange my bedroom a bit and hopefully my friend RB will come over tomorrow, as planned earlier tonight, and spend the night as well so we can arrange my bedroom. Maybe, along with it, RB may go to a candle party one of the tenants is throwing Saturday afternoon. Who knows.

I am seriously thinking about sleeping n my bedroom again. i will start Saturday night.

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