July 6 #1

I am not sure what to say at the moment except that I am actually confused by someone who happens to be a dear diarist like us all here. I did not know what this diarist was coming across to me about but I do have to admit that my feelings about this one person put up a serious red flag. I deleted the comment this diarist wrote because it did not make any sense, and I also banned this diarist from my diaries from yesterday onward. I hope I was able to keep him/her away. I do not need have the feeling of unsurety in my life anymore and I will delete all unsureties in my life if I have to and I have done so. I am very cautious on those yellow flags, too, but I definitely got a red flag. If any of my diarist friends on my friends list even saw the comment before it was deleted and can explain about this diarist, wonderful, but I am not asking for any explanations whatsoever. This journal entry is going to be for friends only at this hour just for the reason I am somewhat venting and releasing some feelings that need to be released to go on with my day. I already had a rough beginning at an hour of the day past noon, seriously.

Author: ksmiley

As a diarist and blogger, please bear with me as I continue to upgrade my blog as time moves forward. Thank you.

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