July 13 – Evening Entry

Even though I did not go to bed until after midnight last night, I did sleep okay and did get up and do my laundry, my dishes, Bing’s litter box, showered and got into my pjs just fine. Today was one of those days I wished I did NOT have to do anything but my cleaning lady is coming tomorrow and I am free of her on Tuesday of this week because she had two off of work. She deserves a break, especially from me, lol. Anyway, I have stayed up late most of the weekend because I was having fun and it was the weekend for fun and enjoyment. Not much really went on today except what I have done so far … early rising tomorrow to get some more cleaning done before my cleaning lady comes. I think I laxed this weekend or this past week and it does not look that great right now. Did my stuff today and that is all that matters — requires a daily living abilities, that’s for sure. If I could be lazy more, I would, but life sitting at home is boring so work is top priority at this point. School is school and that is over now for a while. It has been a quiet weekend this weekend. I hardly ever hear from JS as much anymore because she has an interest in a man now and I hope that she and this man are going slow and not rushing it. I do wish her the best of luck with this man. He is someone of the nice nature anyway. I am glad that JS has found someone to care about. Less calls from her is something I will get used to but it is going to take some getting used to at a slow state of mine. I am glad for her, though, seriously. Jealous? Nope! I have been busy myself with new friends myself and I am doing just fine. My world is evolving nicely. God is with me all the time, too, and that is all that matters. If people think I am jealous of JS having a relationship with a man, those people better think again and get a life, seriously. I am my own person now and have been since January of this year with a few rocks in the path to get past and have gotten past with major or minor efforts. Life is not always a bowl of ripened cherries these days … never has been a bowl full of ripened cherries the last time I knew. There are always some bad cherries, too. Life is not a win-win life. Or is it?

I got to get going to bed here. Back to my schedule tonight I go and it is late. I am tired and ready for bed now. Bing is WAITING patiently here. See ya all tomorrow.

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  1. I hope you enjoy your day. I finally got around to cleaning my house lastnight around 8:30. Today I’m enjoying my rest and relaxation.


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