June 13 – Still Up Indeed

It is the weekend and this weekend is my weekend and I can and will do whatever I want, need, or wish. I won’t be a snob about or anything but it is my weekend to be with my cat Bing for the most part but later today I HAVE to do laundry before tomorrow for myself before my cleaning lady LB comes and helps me clean. My place is not a total disaster but it has seen better days in the recent past and I have been better at keeping up with my apartment even though I feel I have relaxed too much between last Tuesday, July 1 and today, June 13. Oops! Anyway, I have been super duper busy and I feel I have some money burning a hole in my pocket now and want to get a new vacuum cleaner and a few other things, and begin paying off my college loan/debt I start paying off in August. Why not get a month ahead … not much, though, just a month. I know I can do this and I plan to do it. I am excited too because I am now officially looking for work both alone and with help from my counselors at the Job Center. Our first meeting is Thursday, July 17 at 9:30 a.m. rain or shine. Am I nervous? Yes, of course but do not have much detail.

Anyway, it is midnight here and I am still up indeed. It is not because I can not sleep. I decided to make this Saturday, June 12, a movie day for myself I showered and dressed and give all the attention to Bing he wanted, and we had a lazy, fun day yesterday. It was fun and relaxing, and cool. No one called which I have found a little odd at first but I was okay with that. I had my privacy ALL day long. It was a good day yesterday and I am going to make the most of my Sunday all day today even though it is going to be cleaning for the most part of my plans and laundry. Got enough clothes and bed sheets to wash. When doing my laundry I can sit there and read a good book, and I am reading a good one right now —- just the name is not coming to mind even though I have read 3 chapters so far and having a darn time putting the book down to get to other things that need to be done. Honestly, I have such a life too easy sometimes, I think…I hope not anyway.

Well, anyway, it is only 12:30 a.m. and I have all day and evening to write more later. I have to go for now and get to bed. I am two hours past my bedtime and I kind of laxed on my routine yesterday. Back to my routine today no matter what. I have work to do.

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