July 19 – My Saturday … Recapping my Week

I do have to admit that being a woman can stink from time to time .. at least for so many hours a month it seems for me anyway. My time of the month, excuse me guys, came and went without a fight this time … I am shocked big time about that. I got a little emotional but not too bad. It was Monday I had a slight panic attack and it disappeared within time — the next day, lol, AFTER the inspection that I passed for this year. Anyway, on Thursday the management told me that it was common to have inspections in a place like this place and that I should not panic or have any anxiety, especially when I have a cleaning lady every week to help make things passable and comfortable for me and this apartment is my home. I told her that the one reason I had panicked was because it was hormonal and I apologized and yet she wanted to spank me, lol. Anyway, for today … it was a relaxing day. Just turned on my computer a little before 9 p.m. this eveninig after not having my computer up and running all day yesterday. Can you believe that I had a break from the computer for one day? Yes, I did, and no, I didn’t miss the computer yesterday because I had other things to do and one of those things was doing my Bible study, and I intend ti do more of it tonight before bed. It seems to really help me sleep better on a night that sleep is harder to find but I have been having less problems in the sleep department lately,

No I did not write an entry for yesterday at all .. reason was the fact that I didn’t have my computer up and running at all yesterday, so no entry, first one I did not write here for the month. I was hoping to find today a better day to write but nothing much different from any other day I have shared already. Just another weekend of relaxation – rain or shine – and hardly wanting to be online at all. I do not think the internet is of no interest to me yesterday … just took a break … a well deserved break, and earned it greatly. I have enjoyed my day off online yesterday and plan to have another day real soon but not sure when. When it’s stormy around here, that is a break as well but most of the time it is a break not wanted. That is the way I am and feel sometimes. My day was okay today no doubt … a bit boring it seems though but this place is mine.

I did change the title of this entry slightly so please do not be alarmed at the changed. The title that I had did not seem to fit right once after I posted this entry. Oops on my part, love ya guys!

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