July 24 – A Quickie … I Hope, LOL

What can I really say about today? A busy one at that and tomorrow I am going to be busy as well getting things done around here for a quiet Saturday of doggie sitting for a neighbor and going back to church on Sunday … woo hoo! Today ran a couple of errands, folded my clothes, worked on my clothes in my bedroom closet until Bing’s play date came. All was fine after the first 30 minutes between Bing and his play date Bear. Bing was frightened of Bear but Bing, excuse me for expressing it this way, sucked it up and tolerated it. Bing is still slightly mad at me but I know he will be over it in a while. He is one feline who does not hold any grudges as far as I have had him in my life. Bing is usually fond of other animals of either variety – feline or canine, and that surprised me about his reaction to Bear, and with Bing’s reaction I do have to admit that Bing understood that I was not happy with his behavior and he cooled down under the futon. When I had told Bing that I was not happy about his behavior I told him that he could go under the futon and cool down and as soon as I said get under the futon and cool down, he scurried away quickly under the futon. Never have I scolded him like that ever and this was my first time ever scolding him like that, too. I believe he understood what I was saying to him and he did get along with Bear the rest of the evening.

Had company up for awhile and it was great!

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