July 26

Not much really happening today … just being lazy once again. Always seem to have some difficulty with my muscles more so on the weekends than on the week days, which I find kind of odd and frustrating because I love to go to church and have not gone to church in a long time … it seems that way anyway. I am going to take it easy this weekend other than taking care of CD’s cat Oreo who is been found hiding under the bed again while I made sure she was okay and doing fine without CD around as CD went out of town to visit family this weekend again to be with family. I even took the day and watched a neighbor’s dog while she spent the day out of town with family shopping, and my friend/neighbor’s dog was a good ol’ pup for me ALL day long. Otherwise I can say that my weekend was not too bad so far, and I am looking forward to seeing my neighbor’s dog again Thursday!!! Yep, watching him again then.

Author: ksmiley

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