8/2 – Another Day Draws To A Close …

I have not had the want or the need to write in my journal here before now because today was just a very relaxing day of reading, writing, pondering, watching television movies, and then decided to get online before retiring to bed here for the evening. Bing has been a good boy all day and he is never a naughty boy anyway so most of the time Bing is a good cat for his demeanor and charm. I still remember the day he turned on his Bing Crosby charm when we met on December 15, 2006, almost two years ago now. He is such a great cat to have around. Everyone who has met him have found heart for him and like him or love him. His veterinarian loves him to pieces, too, actually. I am so glad to have Bing in my life now and forever in my life.

Well, today has been just like any other ordinary day at home relaxing and keeping comfortable. I did not feel tired when I had awakened around 9 a.m. this morning but ended up laying in bed until 12 noon pondering on something I read last night before retiring for the night in bed. I decided to take the time today and give it to God as much as I could give for this Saturday … this weekend. I feel I have not given enough time to God lately and I need to change my life a little bit to do just that as well. It is hard for me to go church every weekend now-a-days because of the weakening of my muscles due to Zocor for cholesterol levels to be where they should be and NOT high. If I just focus on God for an hour a day for six days and from Friday night to Saturday night focus all my energy to God then I believe my feeling of tiredness will eliminate to an extent of livable and greatness. The energy that I had today was almost phenomenal in my book — to me anyway. I just have to have the heart and desire to lose weight now, too. Being heavy does run in the family somewhere and I do not want to heavyset anymore. I want to be thin like I once was in my high school days, but maybe not 96 lbs. 125 lbs is perfect enough for me. I know I can do it … believe me!

The couple of days I have been discovering games at MyYearbook and have been playing Skeeball, Disco Bowling, Crosswords, and a game that reminds of me Atari’s blockout game but a better version of the game but a fond and loving memory of Atari – a friend of mine had it actually. I am SO ADDICTED to the new games and they are fun — REAL FUN! You can rack up points that are called lunch money points so you can make your websitie at MyYearbook special and unique and send virtual gifts to your friends and family. It is, the URL, http://www.myyearbook.com … you will be soon addicted to it because you get points for logging in everyday and get points for getting gold stars and high 5’s from friends and family or whoever you meet online. I LOVE IT! If you do sign up, which is free, look me up, okay, and if you do not know how to look me up, just message me here (privately) of course, I will let you know what you need to know right away.

Yahoo 360 has been screwing up lately that writing there has been hard to do because of how things are going there. I am not going to leave Yahoo 360 until they completely shut down and have no more website. That is why I am so glad that Dear Diary is here today and has been for the longest time — how I found this place years ago is something I have forgotten and when i started writing here is even lost in my mind somewhere. What a world I live in from time to time, believe me … always a mixture of thought. Also, having a break from time to time is nice as well. I do love it here very much.

Well, I gotta run for now. Time for bed — an hour late as usual. Good night and God bless.

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