8/21 – A Busy Day

I do have to admit that today has been a busy day. Like every Thursday night I watched my neighbor/friend’s dog/puppy Bear from suppertime to a little after 9 p.m.. Will be watching home tomorrow morning for a few hours as well due to my friends bf has an appointment out of town at the doctor’s office, which I do not mind really. I had CD over for the supper hour and evening and she left a little after my neighbor left to pick up her puppy. CD and I had supper together tonight — which CD bought for both of us and it was good. We had chicken tonight with potato salad and potato wedges and chocolate and blueberry shakes. I had the blueberry shake and CD had the chocolate shake. The food was delicious, even though I shared part of my dinner with Bear tonight as a treat for being such a good puppy for me all evening long and for his master. Bing and Bear got along just fine as long as Bear did not get too close to Bing, lol, otherwise Bing would swat Bear’s nose or run away from here to another safety zone, which I find laughable and cute because Bing never had a problem with other dogs or cats before Bear came along. Bear might too aggressive according to Bing. Who knows. Beaer in part chiwauwa terrier and Pekinese. He such a cutie little pup and full of life and energy and very good on a leash. I wish Bing would take a leash and walk around but we know cats, right, they do not usually like leashes and they are very independent animals compared with dogs.

Now with Bear and CD gone for the evening I am home along now with Bing who can have breathing room without the dog around. Bing helped watch Bear with me today and he did a great job. Bing is becoming quite the babysitter these days. Bear is a good pup.

I did not get to any writing as I had hoped I would have earlier because I am so self-conscious of the weather being yucky, rainy and stormy. It is just one of those things i am careful about doing — being online during the stormy weather and it did not storm at all today but was supposed to all day long. Must’ve passed over us or did not reach us as the weatherpeople had predicted. Gotta go by gut instinct from now on I guess. I hate foul weather anyway. I will be retiring to bed here in a bit and getting some rest before 6 in the morning rolls around. It comes by very quickly!!!! I will do some more writing tomorrow for sure.

I am going to say good night for now.

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  1. Nope, they sure don’t like the leash. You should have seen some of my cats’ reactions when I tried to put just a collar on them. I’m sure they thought I’d put some diabolical torture device on them. 😉


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