An Early Evening

All is good in my household. Bing and I catnapped on the bed in the living room. My twin bed is no longer used for sleeping in much anymore but it is a good napping spot if I get too tired or need to lay down. Anyway, Bing was catnapping before I was and I just laid down next to him and dozed off for a while finding him sleeping with me the entire time and I felt him the entire nap and woke up with him still beside me even though I did think that he was going to gone when I had awakened. I was not surprised at the least to see him next to me still since I was the invader of his space yet I made more for both of us to snuggle and nap and he never said a meow or two, just snuggled closer to me during our catnap. Yes, I take cat naps now and then — and I did think of going to my bedroom to sleep but I wanted to have been at my side. I did dream and woke up to a dream I never had before and I have wondered how in the world a certain actress has been popping into my dreams as my mother. YIKES! Oh well … dreams are of no sense sometimes I guess.

Anyway, this is an early evening. I am not planning on staying up until 12 midnight this weekend, that’s for sure. I vowed earlier today that I was getting back to my normal sleeping schedule and back into my routine even more so than before. After my cat nap I feel I have been refreshed for a while so all is good for now and 10 p.m. is going to be my bedtime from tonight on. I had fallen away from my routine slightly. Turned off my television a little early since it is Friday night now. All is good in this household.

I have some other stuff to do before retiring to bed for the night. I am going to say good night and God bless for now.

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