My Sunday

It was a good day today … somewhat unexpected as well to be very honest here. For the first time I was able to IChat with my mom and her husband who live in NM and seeing them for the first time in a couple of years outside pictures was awesome that I had tears in my eyes after I got done chatting with them. It was an awesome early afternoon. Mom was doing her cleaning when I had called her cell phone but she took the time to chat with me and we chatted for practically a half an hour which was the best part of the conversation — time. We can see each other on our cameras so we can see each others expressions and enjoy each others talking time. I was even able to see my brother and sister puppies Flyer and Shadow. Flyer is my sister pup, a Basenji, and Shadow is my brother pup, a Boston Terrier or terror my mom calls him, lol. He is such a loving pup! Okay, they are not puppies anymore really … grown dogs now anyway. That was my mid afternoon.

Around 4 p,m. I got together with a friend and went out to dinner and ran an errand quickly at Shopko and then we came back here for a while before she left for the evening to go to her sister’s house and babysit her nephew. Otherwise my Sunday was an awesome day.

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