Even though I have not written in a while I do have to say that I am still here. Not much has really gone on this past week except for a neighbor friend of mine passed away Monday and the visitation was on Friday but I did not attend the visitation. I did go to the funeral on Saturday, which was yesterday, and it was a very nice service, cemetery gathering, and luncheon. The strangest thing is the fact that I find a funeral one of the bleakest ways of seeing people you have not seen in a very long time even though at this funeral I got to see all the people I wanted to see and meet for the first time or the first time in a long time. Two people I went to high school with were there, of course, they were either the son or grandson of my deceased friend and neighbor. I also got to see another grandchild of my friend and neighbor I have not seen since I last saw her in 1982 – 1984, and believe me it was a very nice meeting but a strange one to the feel. Oh well.

Even though this is Sunday I will be watching my favorite pup for a couple of hours or so and I will be chatting with my mom shortly, so I better wash my hair before I get busy. I will be back later today .. tomorrow at the latest.

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