A Need to Vent, okay…here it goes…

Honestly, some people NEED to grow up and live their lives separate from one another. Today I ended up getting a text message from someone stating that another someone said this and that. I decided, as bad as it may seem to some people, not to reply back to the text message because I am not going to be a part of anyone’s drama anymore and have been working so hard on it. Christmas is just around the corner now and no one is going to RUIN my Christmas this year whatsoever. Honestly, people need to grow up and stop instigating and causing havoc for other people. We live only a short time on this earth and we all should get along but we all know that is not going to happen. Just please take your drama elsewhere and leave me out of it. I have some fears right now and those fears are going to stay under the blanket where the fears belong and not be awakened by saying or doing something I will later regret. I hate people who just want to cause some kind of trouble or problem with other people. That gives me the impression, as silly as it may be sometimes, that a lot of childish crap still plagues the grown ups and age has nothing to do with it anymore. PEOPLE…GROW UP!

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