My Day Today

Okay, I was awakened at 8 a.m. this morning by a neighbor calling me all because of the fact that I called her at 2 a.m. yesterday morning. Honestly, pay backs are hell sometimes, lol. After she called, I did go back to sleep for a while until my CSW called and told me that she as dropping by today just in case it got real bad tomorrow. We are expecting bad weather again the next couple of days or so. Don’t know for sure since I am one of those people who believes in what she sees more than what she hears in regard to the weatherman of today. Anyway, with possible inclement weather tomorrow I had my Bible study today and LB came by for a moment to drop off some garbage bags since I am totally out of them as of today, lol. After my Bible study left for the week, I pretty much did my own thing. I did get my word search hand held game from Swiss Colony today so I played that for awhile and enjoyed myself. I just did my own thing for the most part of my day. What else can I do in such weather conditions these days. Oh yeah, I did hand in my week two homework assignment that is due today but I did do my own thing for the most part of my day. More later…

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