Final Thoughts of My Day

I have said a lot in my last entry and yet. Lot more is needed to be said. I am tired and ready to go to bed very shortly as I have a big day tomorrow morning and early part of the afternoon. I have a fairly big weekend coming and I do have to admit that I am looki g forward to this weekend coming and Sunday finally rolling around. I am even looking forward to Saturday rolling around so I can see friends and church family. I have not been to church in a long time that when I went last week I really enjoyed myself very much at church e en the sermon seemed long by the time it was finished but no complaints here. Yes I am going to church again Saturday. I really have to get back into the Lord again. He has been in my life this long and has helped me with many things so I shall not fail Him now, right? Right!

People may be thinking that I am sort of venting here and to be honest with you, this next thought is in need to be put out and off my heart before it pulls it so tight that it hurts … So here it goes … I have been told something a day or so ago that has pulled the heartstrings and what was told to me was not harmful but my feelings got hurt a bit a d the trust in this person has been going downhill for a long time now. I will not say what was the situation as the situation is in the past and I am working hard on letting things go off my shoulder and I doing better at letting things roll off my shoulders more. I am okay otherwise. Anyway…I am not sure if the person who told me what was said was e en true or just misunderstood. Walking away from negativity has been a great start. I am doing my best changing my ways that need to be changed…towards a more Christian attitude with more positiveness.

I have more to say but right now I am going to get ready for bed and be prepared for my day tomorrow.

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  1. You are right to walk away from the hurtful comment. I once said something innocently and hurt a wonderful sister in law. She called and asked me to not repeat it and she forgave me. I never have told her, but I never forgave myself for hurting her. But it depends on if the person was being despiteful. You deserve better if it was. Hang in there.

    I too suffer from depression. I have been to a councelor and am on medication. I feel so much better now. Take care and be good to yourself.

    Love and prayers,


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