Venting 3

Time seems to finally pass the venting phase to some degree or extent. A good friend of mine called me this afternoon and we talked for a while, relieving my thoughts of my friendship with LS. My friend is very right…I need to say that I do not like how things are going by saying that I am who I am. In other words … … … … … open up my mouth and say something. We can go on from there … … … hopefully LS will accept my thinking. My friend gave me some good advice. Yes, I am still venting but not in an frustrated mode or disappointed mode anyway.

For the past few weeks now I have been dealing with small illnesses because of the time of year where everyone comes and goes not feeling good and then passes their illnesses on to others. I was talking to a dear friend of mine a few minutes ago that with all my running around with LS may have caused my body to react quickly to illnesses more so than before because I am around other people who are not feeling good as well. Honestly, I need to settle down but LS thinks that I am holing myself up in my apartment and becoming a hermit. A hermit … she told me that three different times now in the past few weeks and it is just downright mean in my way of thinking. While talking to my friend earlier this afternoon I have been told that LS only thinks of herself and everything pertains to LS or nothing. I think of LS very selfish and not understanding of things or cares to. Oh well … that’s life with some people.
LS being one of them …

More venting to come yet … when will it stop? I have NO IDEA at the moment … Gotta run for now. Have other important things to do and this weekend is definitely busy but I am going to start slowing down.

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