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Garfield Hates Mondays & So Do I, I Guess, lol… For the past few weeks now I have been dealing with some fatigue over the weekend after a five day week of studies, activities, and just being busy. Every Monday morning I have found it hard to wake up before 9 a.m. and staying awake for the most part of my day. Today was not so bad as much as I thought it was going to be but Mondays are my days of Bible study so I have something important to look forward to every Monday despite how I feel. I was able to see my study’s youngest daughter during our study today. I am, just like Garfield the cartoon cat, one person who hates Mondays and I have never really felt that way before but at least I have something to look forward to.

Tiger Cruise I know the movie was on Disney five years ago and the story is about some kids and families being united on a Navy ship and the kids are called “tigers”. The story tells a little bit about September 11. 2001 and how the kids on the cruise took everything in stride despite the 911 attacks in Mew York City and how the kids were taken ashore to be taken to their homes somehow with communication being temporarily disabled. A man and his son lost a relative at the Pentagon, a brother/uncle. My heart went out for that family. A young girl, a teenager was struggling with the idea of her father not being in the picture as much as she would have liked him to but towards the end of the movie, she admitted that she was a Navy brat. I do not know how many times I have seen this movie since 2004 but I have really paid attention to the movie twice. It is a must see according to my way of thinking.

Bible Study As I have already stated earlier I really enjoy my Bible studies every Monday despite the fact that I am like Garfield who hates Mondays. Having a Bible study every week here in my home is comforting, special, and meaningful to me. It gives me something to think about throughout the week and gives me the opportunity to look forward to the next Bible study hour with friends. I have gotten to the point in my Bible study that if I miss a week because of illness or the fact that my study person has a conflict in her schedule I do feel kind of lost and alone but with illnesses and unforeseeable circumstances happening once in a while, it is understood despite the feeling of negative emotion I sometimes feel because I have missed a study. Missing a Bible study from time to time makes my heart grow fonder for the following week to the next study.

Life in General Life in general has been fair and good to me lately. Yes, tiredness have taken over me for the most part of my seven day week and two days out of the week I am just blah and feeling like a world of tiredness has come over me but that tiredness does seem to fade if I beat the overpowering feeling of tiredness for the most part. I have no trouble thinking of the life I live as I see fairness, trial and tribulation always at the end of a long haul of negativeness As a matter of fact I ran across a picture of two “old” friends of mine on another friend’s site and have wondered what they have been up to lately since we do not communicate over the phone like we once did over a year ago now. Walking away from negativity has been hard at one point but it is easier to do so now. Do I want these two “old” friends in my world today? No.

Closing Thoughts Not much more of my world today to share. I had a fairly good day. It is late and I am going to bed.

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