Already Knew Something…

It does not take a rocket scientist to know some things in life, especially when it comes to some things in life in general occur. Let’s put it this way. I have not spoken to someone or some people for a long time now, for about a year because I chose to walk away from negativity, especially after wearing myself out trying to explain that people do have control of certain aspects of their lives even if such is not happening because a person chooses NOT TO. I have been told today that someone in particular does not want anything to do with me anymore and I already knew that from trying to make a call when another friend of mine and I were in the area and were planning on stopping by if it was possible. Some people are just dense and downright rude at times and all because I chose NOT to deal with some people and their behavior in order for me to stay healthy and happy. Walking away from negativity has its perks now. Knowing that a certain person does not anything to do with me is like childish and crappy to be honest here. It is not my loss.

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