My Easter Sunday

I do have to admit that I have no plans for Easter Sunday except for snuggling with Bing, my precious little man of the house. I am here doing homework and watching a Nora Roberts Marathon today, along with other programs that I have recorded previously. Not a whole lot has happened today except for the fact that my world today is very quiet and meaningful the way it is … another day.

No, I am not depressed or down today. I enjoy the solitude…really. I have my Easter Sunday treats nearby of candy, jelly belly beans, a dark chocolate bar by Cadbury. Yep, I am having my Easter Sunday right here at home today for reason that my family is not in town anymore. I am not lonely or anything. Just alone with a cat who happens to be not present at the moment so he is taking his time napping as cats nap a lot out of the day — 18 hours a day practically! I could not sleep that much!!! If i ever slept that much…I better be ill!!

Today is just a day for me right now…

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