Escaping Time

Time seems to fly by these days. I have been so busy lately that I have had hardly any time to sit and relax without my phone ringing for the past several days and now it is quiet. Been relaxed all day and comfortable for the most part of my day and now soon to bed I go now that I have done my harvesting at “Farm Town” at Facebook. Spring is now on its way for sure and I have been sleeping well. Had a shower this morning, my bedsheets changed, my laundry done, and now bedtime is rolling on in but I had to come and say a few words before retiring. I have church in the morning and a good friend of mine is going with me this weekend. Looking forward to going to church tomorrow, too! Woo hoo…speaking of church…I don’t really have to go but I really want to go. My spirits are up again now that winter is no longer here … hopefully anyway.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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