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Welcome to my world of writing at the moment. I thought I would take a few minutes of my day to write. The world outside was thundering earlier so I had my computers shut off and unplugged until just a few minutes ago. With the feeling of safety back from the storming, for the time being, I decided to fire up my laptop and get on for a while before eating and later going to bed. It does not feel like time is going on 6 p.m. in twenty minutes believe it or not. It feels so much later than that for some reason. Probably because I did not take a nap today at all. Right now I am watching a cartoon called “Recess” after watching a few shows of “Golden Girls”. Not much television otherwise. I am just watching recorded programs right now, lol. Oh yeah, I did do some reading earlier trying to get into another book since I am not in a class right now until the 12th of May. The book that I am reading is written by Anne Rivers Siddon titled “Colony”. My phone rang a moment ago but I did not answer the phone because I am busy writing in my journal. No one is going to interrupt me anymore when I am busy doing something for myself now and I am sticking to my plans. My phone rang not once ever since I have been home from my appointment this morning after being dropped off. Why should I bother answering the phone now. I am relaxing and taking time for myself. If the call was important enough the caller will call back later. I am sick and tired of my phone ringing off the hook lately anyway. I know now how other people feel when I call so much during the day.

Well, thunder is still rumbling outdoors once again. Thought the rumblings were over with but apparently not so I will be shutting off the computer here shortly if it gets real bad. Bing is sleeping good in the desk chair so I am not worried about him afraid of the storm about to brew. Bing is one fearless cat for the most part. What a cat!!

I had an appointment earlier today in regards to a possible sleep disorder I may have. The sleep study I have tomorrow night will bring the first phase of the sleep disorder under control. My physical was today because Medicare wants to have a physical in order to know what it will be paying for in the future if I need to have a sleep apnea machine in the near future. Am I nervous? No, not nervous but a little fearful of leaving behind Bing for one night for some reason. Bing is so used to having me in his world practically 24/7. Anyway, I am going to get to he bottom of the possible sleep disorder I may have.

I am looking forward to going to lunch tomorrow!!!! Yeah!!!!

Now that I have taken the time to write today…right now…I can sign off and come back later.

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