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Okay, yesterday I got out of the house for awhile to go to an appointment and get a couple of things at the grocery store. Today I got out of the house for awhile again with another friend. I was going to to grocery shopping this afternoon but misplaced my food share stamp card so I went shopping at Wal-Mart instead. While I was gone, our building’s electricity went off because of the fact that lightning struck an area of town affecting 900 customers. For the first time in my world I was not worried about my computer, which was on while I left, but mainly worried about my Bing Crosby. On my way home I was thinking okay…this is different. This is odd. This is something new to me. All I worried about was Bing. When I had gotten home, my friend Mark made sure I got upstairs okay and helped me get into my apartment since the elevator was not functioning due to the electricity. As soon as I got in the door, I turned off the surge protector and unplugged it on the wall and said a prayer to God to allow the electricity to come back on shortly and I did think of my computer for a second then but was not over obsessive about the computer being on while the electricity went out. I was not worried about the computer at all because of the fact that I have a new laptop with everything on it I need for school if need be. I have a wonderful/expensive surge protector. My laptop was not plugged in or even turned on.

The electricity came back on about a half an hour after I returned home. It did not affect just Teamster Manor like I thought. For a half an hour I lay n my bedroom where the most light shone through the bedroom window. While laying there, the moment the electricity came back on, I heard the drone of the fridge coming back on, the toilet making its noise, and the clock in my bedroom was blinking its green light. Honestly, I could have had a more exciting day if I just was out longer, lol.

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