Today was not too bad. The weather was better than it was supposed to be according to the weather. I have learned, in recent days, not to believe what the weatherman has to say anymore and go by what the sky itself looks. I think there is something wrong with the satellite in the sky. Who knows. My neck is still kind of stiff but not as bad as the tightening of the muscle between the shoulder and the neck is lessening and loosening a bit. I took a shower before 3 p.m. to wash my hair and got under the hottest water I could stand and that seems to help a little bit. I shall see what goes on with my stiff neck in a few hours. I have to go to bed soon as tiredness has hit a few minutes ago. I hope Bing lets me sleep tonight. His playing at night has awakened me from sleep once before already.

I have two days before my BM parents come for a visit now. Bing has never met his “grandparents” yet from NM so Wednesday is the day that Bing gets to meet my parents. I am looking forward to it because Bing is a different cat when compared to my first cat Emilee Marie Cuddles. To be very honest with myself, I have not seen my parents from NM for almost 4 years now that I am a little bit nervous. Seeing my family on the computer is different than seeing family in flesh and blood and in person if that is understandable… My nerves are getting the best of me lately…AGAIN!

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