Had a Busy Day

My mom came over for awhile today. She and her husband are visiting from New Mexico. My parents arrived yesterday to Janesville, Wisconsin and visited for a while. They took pictures of Bing so I now have lots of pictures of my Little Man of my life that I will share later on this month. Mom and I took a walk today to get a bite to eat for lunch, then on the way home, Mom bought ice cream cones to eat while walking. Eating chocolate ice cream with a cone was a challenge for me, lol. I made a joke of the fact of trying to eat my ice cream and cone was like eating my first piece of cake on my first birthday and my mom laughed with me because ice cream was all over my face, around my mouth, ice cream dripped on my shirt and all over my hands and arms. Even though it dripped all over the place on me and my shirt, I got the ice cream and cone eaten. I had to clean up when I got home. My mom was picked up around 4:30 p.m. taking a box of things she wanted to take back home to New Mexico that she left here 3 years ago for me to keep for her. She kept a few things for me to keep for memories. Mom and her husband will be leaving Janesville, Wisconsin back to New Mexico tomorrow.

I had a good day.

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