9:54 p.m.

Bedtime is a few minutes away but I thought I would quickly come and say good night before retiring. Today was a lazy day to some degree but I did do some picking up earlier this afternoon, the dishes, and picked up my dirty clothes in the laundry basket. I am getting tired now but nupot to the point of I need to go to bed at the moment. I am thinking of kind of day I will be having tomorrow as Tuesday is my cleaning day, my shower help day, and I will be doing laundry tomorrow since this weekend has been full of relaxation and the laundry room was filled with tenants doing laundry yesterday morning and I do not like to have a lot of people around me when I am doing my laundry. We need more laundry machines but where in the world would we put them.

Time has come to say good night and God bless!

Author: ksmiley

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