JT Pissed Me Off!

JT has pissed me off. If she wants to get screwed or hurt by having a registered sex offender as her boyfriend, she can be my guest … but II do not want to hear about her sex life. The woman DOES NOT listen! She loves to brag about her life no matter if you tell her to stop. I believe she is a sick woman — acts like a bitch in heat. She is considered a slut and has turned this place into a mating ground – a whore house. Why does one person have to upset the apple cart?! I hope the bitch slips up some time soon and ends up losing her right to live here. She knows damn well that bringing a registered sex offender into out building is a big risk and she has hurt a dear friend of ours that he will not give her a 3rd chance at dating her again. This DW is a jerk, a pervert, and an sex addict that he had sex with his own daughter before she even came of age of maturity or puberty … at the age of 9! GROSS! I won’t even allow this idiot into my home … my security and safety zone anymore. I do not want him as a friend or ever speak to him. I do know that, with all the lies and stories, JT still communicates wuth this DW via cell phone texts and calls! I do not need liars in my life either and JT is a liar. A big, fat liar. Yes, JT has pissed me off big time!!!! We are finished as friends are concerned.

Author: ksmiley

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