A Liar and a Volatile Certainty, and In Debt

A Liar
Vindictive people are downright rude and mean, nasty and cruel, and idiots. Yep, I can not find anything nice about vindictive people especially when they do not know when to leave me alone. I have just learned a few hours ago, that JT is not very happy with me but then again, to be very honest here, what happened earlier this week has come to a head and our relationship is very much done. Putting a fork in it to test the doneness of the cake comes out way clean. I am very pissed and very done with JT but JT is very vindictive … believes that she can do no wrong. Well … THINK AGAIN, bitch. When she first moved into the building her attitude was mild and even tempered. Well now, it is volatile and nasty. Vindictive is what JT is friends with another tenant in here who is one of those people who is constantly out to get people in some way. JT is turning out to be that exact way. I look at it this way, JT and this other tenant deserve each other and so let them be friends. JT is such a liar and I will NOT be friends with liars. JT has lost me as a friend for good this time. So what if she is not happy with me. She can lie to friends and family but she will not lie to me. I have not believed what has come out of her mouth for several weeks now and on Monday when she broke the straw on the camel’s back -‘ so-to-speak – and I did not want nothing to do with JT for two weeks now. JT is VERY vindictive and nasty just like her friend, her neighbor. How I learned that JT and this neighbor are friends is that other tenants have their ways of finding things out and I know two tenants so far who are good in their judgment of character in people. My friendship with JT is no longer valid and nothing CAN rekindle it. It has fizzled out completely. It has rotted away and nothing is no longer there but emptiness — a blackness that shows remains and charred markings that has created a “not welcome” attitude to it.
A Volatile Certainty
I had learned from a neighbor – who looks out for me now – that another tenant has been saying things about me that were unpleasant to other tenants. Knowing in my heart this tenant is volatile … has made me realize that hanging around this person and another tenant is not safe for me either. No more will I allow this neighbor LS ask me to call her friend – a man – I will have to say no and have her do it herself. If LS wants to hang around MW that is fine with me but I can not be involved anymore. Today, after hearing this that MW has been shooting off his mouth to other tenants, And here I thought that MW could be trusted but have been learning differently in one day. I am beginning to see that LS does not understand relationships and should not be in one.

In Debt
LS does not understand her financial situation right now. She needs help very much so and she is not allowing it. She keeps putting her self in further financial crisis – in debt – and it is over $200. Boy do I want to strangle her but I cannot do it because it is not place to do so — not strangling her but helping her financially.

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