November 5th

I had a busy day today. As a matter of fact, part of my day was in Rockford, Illinois eating and shopping. I had a great day. By the time we left Rockford’s JcPenney Outlet Store, I was tired and ready to get back home for the evening. I got home around 330 pm this afternoon and spent some time with Bing Crosby the cat and just relaxing. As soon as I had the chance, after getting home, got into my pajamas for the rest of the afternoon and evening — thinking of when I will be retiring to bed for the night. That will be shortly now. I am waiting patiently for my raspberries to be ready for harvesting at Farmtown on Facebook. That will be a half an hour or so from now at 905 pm. I have been watching some recorded shows on my DVR box. About fifteen minutes or so now I do have to admit that I heard the “bitch” come home from somewhere because she made herself known outside as she passed my living room window as her keys clinked against her cane as she walked on by. It was so damned obvious! I have to deal with her presence around the building for only 27 more days because she is moving out of the building — away from here. She is not wanted here anymore anyway. She has pissed off a lot of tenants with her actions, lies, and stories. This woman is a nut! I will stress-free real soon. I just have to suck it up for 27 more days. YAY! Anyway, to get back about my day, I am heading off here now and getting ready for bed but before I go, I would like to make my feelings justified about the one person I am speaking about. I have no sympathy, no feeling of happiness, no understanding of JT’s behavior as a person who grabs attention in one way or another that is not safe or comfortable. I have people who care about my emotional welfare and do not want me to be hurt badly as I was by JT and her lies and stories. I am very angry with JT and her childish antics because she did not get her way around here like she got away with for the past several months now. I have no time for people like JT and she does not have time for me either. I have been badly hurt and I have not rejoiced in knowing what she has been doing two floors above me — having sex with a registered sex offender after she has lied about having a relationship with such a man so many times. I do not like JT and she will never snowball me ever again. She will get her just desserts sooner or later.

Another thing that gets my dander up right now is someone in my life is so hung up about her man friend to the point that she spends all her time with him and does not carry through with half of what she says she will do for another person. Here I am, having had a good day out of town, and now I am bickering and bitching about two particular people who live in the same building as I do. Some people are not team players I guess. I can trust only a few people now or trust no one at all to live my life the way I see fit and safe for me. I have to worry about me and me alone for the most part anyway, I need to be stress-free and comfortable with my world — not unsafe and uncomfortable, right?

I hope tomorrow is a better day!

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