The “Bitch of Sexville”

Another chapter of the “Bitch of Sexville” has compiled most recently — today actually. Yep, today, lol. I am not very fond of the woman anymore — as the woman makes me want to vomit the moment I see her or want to just faint in a dead stupor just to get away from the bitch really. Seriously. Yes, I have no wants to run into the “Bitch of Sexville” but today there was no avoiding her as I went out into the lobby to get my mail for the past couple of days and there she was … right in the way with her motorized chair when she is capable to walking. There was no avoiding the situation. The feeling of fear consumed me as I did not look at her or cared to… a feeling of avoiding her eyes and her presence was necessary no doubt. I really hate the woman — that is why she is called the “Bitch of Sexville” by me today and always. I have no sympathy for her whatsoever anymore either. I just plain do not like her .. period. She is one of the most hated people I know with my true and honest friends now too. She is one person who has no remorse of what she has done in the past. I have seen the registered sex offender come and go from this place often enough when the management does not even see him and it just makes me want to throw up and puke all over them because I know what she is doing in her apartment with the idiot of a man this registered sex offender is — sex … ewww!!!

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