3rd Year Anniversary Death of Emilee Marie Cuddles, the Cat

I cannot believe it but it is so very true. Today is the 3rd anniversary death of Emilee Marie Cuddles, my first cat who I had for 16 1/2 years from the moment she was 8 weeks old/ Bing Noel Crosby, the cat reminded me of this day with his understanding glance of Emilee’s canister of ashes on the desk above my computer. What an amazing animal! At first I thought why is he reminding me of Emilee’s passing but as the evening wore on, I figured it all out as the night wore on. It may be silly sounding and strange to other people but then again it may not be silly and strange. When a human bonds with her pet, it does become something of an uniqueness that not everyone will understand. I did have an unique bond with Emilee Marie Cuddles that has yet not been totally broken — passed on to Bing Noel Crosby, the cat who happens to be another unique animal of nature and cat-like possibilities. Bing is an unique animal of possibilities as well that my love and bonding has become eminent and very special.

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