Now That I Am Back Home …

Since I have been back home, I have spoken to very few people who live here and have been keeping to myself for the most part. While I was away, I have seriously thought of what I was going to do was stay away from certain people. Why bother with the complainers, whiners, rule breakers, and cliques. Yes. cliques. Either you belong or you don’t. I am considered the snitch of the building, and I do not care what tenants label me as because if a rule is broken, you bet, I will tell the proper person who needs to know. Honestly, we have a lot of babies living in this building than adults — a kindergarten classroom for the most part. I can not stand the tenants in this building except for about 5 people of 49 tenant apartments. Now that I am back home I am doing my best at keeping my sanity intact … staying away from certain things in this building.

Author: ksmiley

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